Xenon: YRS 2013 Project


For YRS 2013 we decided to make a hack that involved a development Xbox 360, Kinect, location data, and a copy of Halo 4.

We take a base set of city data, and in real-time via the Twitter API, we modify gameplay values of Halo 4. These values are values such as character speed and power. We use Twitter to pull tweets and perform semantic analysis to determine whether a tweet is positive or negative about the city of London or Birmingham, and add gameplay values to the teams of these cities.


For the 360 side we used C++ and C# along with an edited Kinect SDK sample to launch into Halo 4, and for the web frontend we used HTML, CSS and PHP that communicates with a MySQL database that will pull data the same data that the game reads. This data is then parsed into JSON which the database will then read and post to the Cities page.

Who built this?