A good way to find out whether you and your business are suited to using virtual services is to try one or two of them and see how they fit in.

Digital Transcription
Day to Day
Project Planning and Events

are some of the services that we think are key to helping you manage your business.

Digital Transcription

Providing digital transcription services means we cover:

• Single voice for letters, reports, emails, dissertations
• Two voices for interviews or meetings
• Several voices for interviews, forums or meetings

Each recording has its own requirements in how we approach the transcription but we always:

• Initially listen to the recording once for clarity
• Transcribe according to content
• Review the transcript again the recording once completed

Downloaded files can be sent to us via our website here or by email.

Dependent on the length of the audio, we can usually turn the work around within 2 – 3 working days.

Day to Day

This includes call handling, diary management, and the day to day mundane work that needs to be managed on a regular basis. We handle all the day to day tasks with the exception of book keeping.

• Call Handling means you are always in, when in fact you are out
• Diary Management ensures you are always on time and in control
• And “Keeping up with the Mundane”, means you will always have the confidence to mean what you say.

To find out more, please feel free to phone, email or use to contact form on this website.

Project, Planning and Events

If you have a particular project in mind which requires a pair of hands, or even a project that requires someone to take it off your hands from start to finish, then we are able to provide such support, covering everything from marketing, travel, venue selection, invitations up to and including handling the actual event itself.

To find out how best we can help you, please call or email us for a quotation.